Monday, June 1, 2015

Cue the Music!: On the Road Again!

The move. That intentional weeding of the life of an itinerant minister and his or her family. Where did we store those boxes from the last move?  Why did we get all this 'stuff'? Can my back take this???  The single largest component of the move is not, despite snide comments, from the female side of the shoe storage!  It comes from the books in the pastor's home and office study/office.  Those who love the academic side of life tend to add to the collection via big, massive, academic tomes. Those who do not tend to have a few paperbacks, the 'Conference says read this' works, and those gifts by people of what they (or a sales clerk) think constitutes approved reading for the minister. The result, is a large library and that means many boxes and empty shelves.

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