Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Moving Through Grief

Leaving any situation can produce some of the same symptoms and emotions that anyone suffering loss can experience. It does not matter what the age, the keen sense of loss, abandonment, and separation can be experienced and a process of grieving may ensue.  The problem is that for many in the ministry this aspect is not talked about or recognized as a real event. The focus is often on the service, the mission, the purpose, the work, the church....the individuals involved can be less the focus.  This sense of loss and grieving can happen in the parsonage and in the church membership itself.

The 5 Stages Of Grief, As Applied To A Cross-Country Move

- Given the significant passage of time since I moved, I have gained some perspective on this move and its effects. The five stages of grief, which ...

Moving Pains: The Disorientating Grief of Transitions

Christianity Today
I walk into church a stranger. We're a few minutes late. I stand at the back of the sanctuary
and look across the backs of unfamiliar heads to find

Moving Forward: Dealing With Grief - Focus on the Family


Over time, the intensity of your grief will likely subside, but do not rush the grieving process.

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